rust preventer
rust preventer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have seen your TV commercials and magazine ads for RustGuy® Rust Converter formula for years. What is this product? Is this a paint?
A. Our products are industrial strength. They are made for the most extreme and demanding environments and able to withstand intense abuse. We specialize in all types of farm, ranch, heavy equipment, marine and trucking applications. The RustGuy® product line has been the top choice of thousands and thousands extremely satisfied customers for many years.
Our top selling formula is RustGuy® Rust Converter. This product is NOT paint. It is a blend of many chemicals (proprietary, secret formula) that permanently stops rust. Once the reaction is complete, (usually within hours), the once rusted surface will now be rock hard and super slick.

Q. Since your products are industrial strength, is it safe to use around humans, livestock and crops?
A. RustGuy® products are completely safe to use and not harmful to humans, livestock, crops, the environment and will not pollute our waters.

Q. Will RustGuy® Rust Converter work on galvanized surfaces?
A. Yes! Our formulas will work on ANY rusted metal surface including galvanized.

Q. What will happens if RustGuy® Rust Converter comes in contact with "good paint" meaning no rust is present?
A. Unlike sandblasting, wire wheels, using acids or other rust removal methods, our formula will NOT harm painted surfaces, rubber, plastic, electrical wiring, fuel lines, braking components or any other surface.

Q. Does RustGuy® Rust Converter come in different colors?
A. No. This product is NOT paint. It chemically reacts with the rusted surface to stop the oxidation. As part of the reaction, the rusted surface will get darker but more important than the color change, the rusted surface gets rock hard and super slick.

Q. Once I apply RustGuy® Rust Converter, can the surface be filled and painted?
A. Absolutely. You can confidently use filler or bonding agents to plug holes and smooth the surface to your desired texture. You can then use any kind of paint although we strongly suggest using our RustGuy® Rust Preventer coating instead of paint.

Q. Where can I buy your products? Do you sell them in local hardware or chain supply stores?
A. RustGuy® products are NOT sold in stores. We ship all products directly to your door. By not having distributors you get the benefit of our industrial strength products without further retail mark-up.

Q. How much do your products cost? Do you sell to individuals? Do I have to buy in large quantities?
A. Everyone is welcome to purchase our products. Now you can get the benefit of industrial strength effectiveness in the quantity you need. Pricing depends on the quantity ordered. Call toll-free 888-RUST-GUY (888-787-8489) to speak with one of our RustGuy® Rust Experts for a free evaluation of your project and a current price quote.

Q. What makes your products so good? How do you compare with the competition?
A. We feel that we have NO competition. We specialize in farm, ranch, marine, industrial and trucking markets with the safest yet most effective formulas made for extreme abuse. It is our opinion there are NO products on the market that compare with RustGuy® products.

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